This is the Homeowners annual meeting.

Board Positions
Robert Lawler – President
Caleb Murray – Vice President
Mark Strong – Treasurer
Helen Tully – Secretary
Jessica Hughes Bennett
Blake De Bruyn

Water Usage
Thanks to the chart that Tom created it is much easier to compare the usage for the past few years. At this time it is at the lowest since 2014. Hopefully this will continue for the rest of the year.

Budget Review
At this time collection of monthly dues is down. This has been caused because owners are finishing their last payments on the assessment. The monthly dues are expected to be up to date probably in the next two months.

Roof Repairs
Mainly on the 3 building where the boots had to be replaced. There were also repairs on #1020 and that seems to be OK now.

Grounds Repair
There was erosion on the bank between the 1200 and 1300 building. The area has been shored up to stop any further damage. The cracked sidewalk has also been repaired. The stairs from the sidewalk down to the parking lot are drastically unlevel and need to be replaced.

There were some sewage lines that had to be cleaned out. They were clogged roots.

The 200 building has issues with pooling in front of the building and the entrance way. The best solutions are to put in a larger French drain and better grading to pull the water away.

Other item that was brought up was about pruning back and cutting the shrubbery. A plan or scheduling for this will be discussed at other meetings since this is a seasonal issue.