Letter to the owners was placed on their doors. We will check
in the next couple of weeks to see if the outstanding violations have been
corrected or if there are any new violations. Roxane will be notified if there
are items that need her attention.

The two shut off valves at entrance have been completed. The
main meter has not been installed yet.

The potholes have been repaired.

The sign at the front entrance was approved. Roxane will get
the installment set up.

The Dog Park was approved. It was changed from 6 ft. fencing
to 4 ft. fencing. The cost will be right at $3,852.00.

The landscaping behind #100-#400 building was discussed. It
was agreed at this time putting grass over the whole area will be the best to
do at this time. Improvements, such as steppingstones, will come later.

Cutting the shrubbery was discussed. The immediate need is to
get them trimmed back. The other part is to have them drastically cut. Since
this can only be done around February it gives us time to plan. We are
discussing if this will be an Art project or if we need to go with another

New items that were brought up:

A neighboring condo complex got in touch with Roxane. They
said there is a tree by the #100 building on the hill that is leaning over the
street. They want us to cut it down. Turns out that it is not on our property
but on Homewood City property. Roxane will check with Homewood City to see if
they will take care of it.

There is concern about the way people are driving too fast
through the complex. We will be looking into building up the speed breakers and
possibly adding a few more. This would alleviate the problem.