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August 2019

Uncategorised Posted on Fri, October 11, 2019 05:01PM

A new main water meter was replaced at the end of July.

The new entrance sign should be installed by the middle or end of October.

The “Dog Park” has been built. Benches and a table will be added to the facility.

The bid of $4,150.00 for landscaping behind the #100-#400 buildings is pending.

The Landscaping Grounds Contract was increased $400.00 per month. This is adding an additional two pruning, making it 4 per year and the number of site visits to 52.

There will be an assessment to be initiated soon. It will cover replacing the money taking from the bank reserve to replace the water heater for the #1100 building. It covers the shut off valves and work done on the #1000 building. There were also two shut off valves and work done at the front of the property.

Also included in the assessment is, when needed, the inevitable replacement of the last two old water heaters. They are in the #100 building (installed in 2004) and the #900 building (installed in 1998). A letter will be sent out with the details of the total amount to be paid and a payment schedule if needed by the owner.

Water Shut Off

Uncategorised Posted on Tue, August 20, 2019 11:19AM

The water heater for the 1100 building is being replaced and water will be cut off at 11 for repairs.

Water shutoff today at 1pm

Uncategorised Posted on Wed, August 14, 2019 10:40AM

The previous repair at the 1000 building failed and will be repaired at 1pm today and is expected to be finished by 6pm.

1000 Building Waterline Burst

Alerts Posted on Sun, August 04, 2019 05:12PM

There was a pipe leak today between the laundromat and 1000 building and it has been clamped and the repair will be tomorrow. Water will be off tomorrow again beginning at 9am until the repair is completed.

June 2019

Meeting Minutes Posted on Wed, July 03, 2019 02:15PM

Letter to the owners was placed on their doors. We will check
in the next couple of weeks to see if the outstanding violations have been
corrected or if there are any new violations. Roxane will be notified if there
are items that need her attention.

The two shut off valves at entrance have been completed. The
main meter has not been installed yet.

The potholes have been repaired.

The sign at the front entrance was approved. Roxane will get
the installment set up.

The Dog Park was approved. It was changed from 6 ft. fencing
to 4 ft. fencing. The cost will be right at $3,852.00.

The landscaping behind #100-#400 building was discussed. It
was agreed at this time putting grass over the whole area will be the best to
do at this time. Improvements, such as steppingstones, will come later.

Cutting the shrubbery was discussed. The immediate need is to
get them trimmed back. The other part is to have them drastically cut. Since
this can only be done around February it gives us time to plan. We are
discussing if this will be an Art project or if we need to go with another

New items that were brought up:

A neighboring condo complex got in touch with Roxane. They
said there is a tree by the #100 building on the hill that is leaning over the
street. They want us to cut it down. Turns out that it is not on our property
but on Homewood City property. Roxane will check with Homewood City to see if
they will take care of it.

There is concern about the way people are driving too fast
through the complex. We will be looking into building up the speed breakers and
possibly adding a few more. This would alleviate the problem.

Water Shut off Wednesday 6/5/2018

Alerts Posted on Tue, June 05, 2018 04:00PM

Water will be shut off for repairs to the fire hydrant. Repair will begin at 9AM and continue until complete. Upon completion water will be turned back on.

February 2018

Meeting Minutes Posted on Mon, April 23, 2018 09:53AM

This is the Homeowners annual meeting.

Board Positions
Robert Lawler – President
Caleb Murray – Vice President
Mark Strong – Treasurer
Helen Tully – Secretary
Jessica Hughes Bennett
Blake De Bruyn

Water Usage
Thanks to the chart that Tom created it is much easier to compare the usage for the past few years. At this time it is at the lowest since 2014. Hopefully this will continue for the rest of the year.

Budget Review
At this time collection of monthly dues is down. This has been caused because owners are finishing their last payments on the assessment. The monthly dues are expected to be up to date probably in the next two months.

Roof Repairs
Mainly on the 3 building where the boots had to be replaced. There were also repairs on #1020 and that seems to be OK now.

Grounds Repair
There was erosion on the bank between the 1200 and 1300 building. The area has been shored up to stop any further damage. The cracked sidewalk has also been repaired. The stairs from the sidewalk down to the parking lot are drastically unlevel and need to be replaced.

There were some sewage lines that had to be cleaned out. They were clogged roots.

The 200 building has issues with pooling in front of the building and the entrance way. The best solutions are to put in a larger French drain and better grading to pull the water away.

Other item that was brought up was about pruning back and cutting the shrubbery. A plan or scheduling for this will be discussed at other meetings since this is a seasonal issue.

1/31/18 – Water Shut Off

Alerts Posted on Mon, January 29, 2018 11:56AM

The main water will be shut off Wednesday the 31st beginning at 8:30 and remaining of till the repair is finished.

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